CONTRÂGE is the natural evolution of extensive dermatological and clinical research. Based on extensive innovative office procedures, a technologically advanced skincare line to repair and prevent damage to the skin, was developed.

The CONTRÂGE represents the fusion of science with  innovative actives by combining  performant delivery systems. Our products are formulated with the aid of our research lab for maximum safety and efficacy, offering the highest performance available.

The Dermatology Research Institute, located at Ghent, has a complete state-of-the-art research infrastructure. With a specialized staff of research professionals, and his associates perform clinical research on approved protocols, cosmetic ingredients and treatments.

With its range of CONTRÂGE care products, this niche company has a unique position on the market of COSMECEUTICALS. It offers the CONTRÂGE products along with services to beauty salons and wellness centres to treat daily skin conditions and focus on efficiency and high tolerance.

CONTRÂGE – improving skin through science – ensures advanced formulations respectful of all skin types and offers a comprehensive approach of different skin problems. The anti-aging skin care products contain an ideal combination of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-glycation ingredients for a firmer, more radiant and younger looking skin.

CONTRÂGE also offers a complete range of dermo-cosmetic products for PROFESSIONAL USE. The latter comes with a daily program for skin care and improvement, as well as for various reasons of consultation such as skin aging and sun-damaged skin, oily, very dry and sensitive skin or skin with imperfections, etc.

CONTRÂGE ensures the highest QUALITY and combines ACTIVE INGREDIENTS with maximum TOLERANCE. CONTRÂGE products rely on results from clinical trials. They contain excellent formulations based on a high concentration of active and quality ingredients to obtain the best possible results. CONTRÂGE skin care want to promote efficiency, safety and quality, and are developed in compliance with the strict criteria of the pharmaceutical laboratory CEREPHARMA.

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01 Oct 2010