Research and development

In accordance with the company's philosophy, research and development occupy an important position at CEREPHARMA. We owe this to our customers. Our company now has broader and deeper knowledge in our Skin Research Units, increased modality and technology capabilities in our Development Unit, and a new approach that harnesses our combined strengths to find the newest, most innovative and valuable formulation solutions for the high challenges in skin care programs. 

CEREPHARMA is supremely innovative in research and development. The in-house skills concentrate on new ingredients and formulations. It was recognized very early that cooperation with other centers, in addition to our own research, is very important in our own development. Therefore, CEREPHARMA  has cooperation contracts with university institutes specializing in pharmaceutics, physics and chemistry as well as with private research institutes. We also work closely with plastic surgeons and dermatologists around the world.
Therefore, research and development also guarantee the future and frees us to realize the power and possibilities to deliver high impact products. Knowledge, quality and performance are the key words for our succes.



01 Oct 2010




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